The Side Up-Do

Whether you want to wear your hair to the side in an intricate braid, a flirty ponytail, or a soft romantic up-do, an off centered style is very popular these days. Looking for some inspiration? Check out these images below from brides' whose hair I've done for their weddings or styled shoots.

Things to keep in mind when doing your hair to the side:

1. I always recommend keeping balance with your neckline. If the neckline of your dress bares your left shoulder, keep your style to that side. Otherwise, you run the risk of drawing attention away from the detail of the dress or looking off balance.

2. If your neckline isn't off centered as well, it's usually most flattering to wear your hair to the right side of your head. This is the side that will be facing your guests, and it looks beautiful in photos to show off the detail in your hair.

3. If you are wearing your hair to the left side of your head, I recommend a jeweled hair comb to be placed over your ear to give some detail on the right side to keep it from looking too plain. Or at the very least, keep your hair very soft and textured on the side facing the audience with either lots of curls sweeping back or a few hairs pulled out to curl over your ears and frame the face.

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