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Engagements and Boudoir


If you take a look through many packages offered by wedding photographers, you'll find that most add in a pre-wedding photo session that focuses on either engagement portraits of the couple or boudoir photos as a saucy gift for your significant other.  Why not take advantage of my services in providing flawless hair and makeup for these photos, too?!


Engagement photos are supposed to be a representation of your every day lives as a couple, so your hair and makeup should ideally be a more polished version of yourself- not the same hair and makeup you'll wear on your wedding day.  Leave the surprise for the walk down the aisle!  And, boudoir is a much sexier version of you that your father probably doesn't want to see on your big day either.  Let me craft the perfect look for you for all your photo needs, and I promise you'll never feel more beautiful.

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