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Frequently Asked Questions


Wedding Day

Q. How many people can you do hair and makeup for on the wedding day?


A. I can accommodate wedding parties of all sizes with the help of day-of assistants.  For weddings with less than 7 services, I will be the only artist on site doing hair and makeup.  For weddings where the number of services exceeds a getting ready timeline of 5.5 hours,  I do require the use of assisting artists to get everyone ready on time.  Assisting artists may also be required if you are unable to get into your venue early enough to accommodate the needed timeframe to get you and your bridal party ready on time and we have to work with a shortened timeframe. Example: Your venue will not allow you on site until 10 am, but your photographer wants to start photos at 1 pm, and it will take 5 hours for everyone to get ready.  An assisting artist is required to shorten the timeframe to 3 hours instead of 5.


These artists are skilled makeup and hairstylists in their own right, so no need to worry that their quality of work isn't up to my standards.  It is simply to get everyone ready quickly.  I will always be the lead artist for the bride and any party members she indicates.  There will be a fee of $175 added for each required assistant in order to cover their travel and associated scheduling costs to hold the date for you.


Q. How long does it take for each person to get ready?


A. In order to schedule enough time for your wedding party, I multiply the number of  services done by 45 minutes, and then add a 30 minute buffer window for touch-ups at the end.  For groups where there are multiple artists working, the time is roughly half as each artist will be working on someone at the same time.  The maximum amount of time I will book for a getting ready process is 5.5 hours, with assisting artists added as needed to fit all services into this timeframe.  This is for the maximum comfort and enjoyment of the bride and her bridal party, as nobody really wants to spend longer than that before the photos even start!  Your wedding day will be long enough already, so your relaxation and enjoyment of the process is my utmost concern.


Q. Will you come to me if it's just the bride who needs hair and makeup?


A. Absolutely!  You are just as important as any other bride, no matter how large or small your wedding party is.  I'm happy to come to your hotel or home on the wedding day to make you look and feel fabulous for your big walk down the aisle.  Please inquire regarding my Microwedding package when contacting


Q. Do you provide any touch up items?


A. Yes.  You will receive a deluxe touch up kit that includes your wedding lipstick or gloss in addition to my standard touch up items, and your group will receive a can of luxury brand hairspray to share.  I keep a record of everything we use during the trial, so if you find a product you love I can let you know where to buy it for every day use.


Is there something else you'd like to know that I haven't answered here?  Drop me a line!  I'm happy to answer any of your questions.  suzanneminskey @


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