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Frequently Asked Questions



Q. Do you have a minimum number of services?  Will you service just the bride?

A. I am happy to do hair and makeup for just the bride!  For brides only, this would fall under my Micro Wedding Package if needing on location services or my Elopement Package if you would like to come to my studio. Otherwise, for standard weddings I do have a minimum of $650 in day of service costs (hairstyling and/or makeup application costs only) not including travel, assisting artist fees, holiday or early start fees, extension fees, or any other fees.

Q. What is included in your rates?

A. You can read more on the specifics of what is included on my Investment page here.  I have over fourteen years experience working with brides and spend thousands of dollars every year on education and high end products for my hair and makeup kits to ensure that every bride and bridal party member I work with receives the best in wedding day beauty services.  The value I provide my clients is in more than just the act of making them look pretty- it is also in my commitment to a stress-free booking process and dependability.  This is my full time job, not a hobby.  I support my family through my business and am thoroughly committed to the satisfaction of every bride I work with.  One of the regrets I hear most from women is how they wish they had invested in quality hair and makeup for their wedding day so that they felt beautiful, and it's my goal to make sure that none of my brides ever have this feeling.

Q. Why does the bride cost more than the bridesmaids?

A. This question comes up a lot, and if you think about it in terms of just doing makeup or hair, it probably doesn't make much sense why the bride is higher than anyone else.  However, there is much more that goes into the bride's services than just the actual application on the wedding day.  Prior to the wedding, the costs of time spent emailing and/or calling, planning, invoicing, and contracting are incorporated into the wedding day price.  So does the time spent cleaning and prepping the kit, driving to the location and back, as well as post-wedding cleaning to keep everything sanitary between clients.  The travel expenses such as mileage for gas and wear and tear on my vehicle are also included for all locations within 30 miles of my studio.  Plus, the bride gets her false lashes, lipstick, hairspray, and touch up kit included as well.  Added to the value of my years of experience and luxury beauty products and tools, you can see how those little details all add up.

Q.  How much does travel cost?  Do you do your work on location or in a salon?

A.  All my full service weddings and micro-weddings are done on location at your home, hotel, or wedding venue. Elopements are done in my home based studio in Woodbridge, VA.  Travel is charged $1/mi roundtrip for all locations within VA.   For locations in DC or Maryland, there is a flat fee listed on my Investments page.

Q.  How far are you willing to travel?

A. I am happy to travel wherever this business takes me, and I am available for travel to locations outside the United States!  I do have minimums for services for travel out of my immediate service area, and additional travel costs will apply.  Please inquire for more specific pricing information, as each out of area wedding is priced according to the needs of the bride.

Is there something else you'd like to know that I haven't answered here?  Drop me a line!  I'm happy to answer any of your questions.  suzanneminskey @

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