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Frequently Asked Questions


Trial Runs

Q. How long is a trial run?  And where is it held?


A. A trial for hair or makeup takes approximately 60 minutes.  A trial for both services is scheduled for about hours.  This allows us plenty of time to look through inspiration photos, asses your skin and hair, try out a look or two, and make necessary tweaks.  We'll also fill out all the information in your contract and sign it to secure your date.  All final headcounts are required at your trial run to avoid losing your date.  Dates are only held for a maximum of 48 hours after your trial appointment in order to allow you to sign your contract and pay your deposit.Trials are held in my home studio in Woodbridge, VA.


Q. Can I bring my mom/friend/bridesmaid with me to the trial?


A. Yes, you may bring 1 additional guest with you for your trial appointment.  While it may seem like a good idea to bring a bunch of people, take it from me when I tell you that too many opinions can make the process much more stressful and confusing than it needs to be.  You should make the decision on how you want to look based on what makes YOU feel beautiful, not what other people think makes you beautiful.  This is your day, and your body.  Your opinion is the one I listen to.


Q. Can my mom/friend/bridesmaid have a trial, too?


A. I understand that sometimes a bridal party member or family member will be hesitant about getting hair and makeup for the big day. Everyone has their own style, and it can be intimidating to have someone else be responsible for creating a look you are comfortable with.  I'm happy to do a trial run for anyone who is interested.  The cost is the same for them as it is for the bride, however.  The same amount of effort and time is put into creating their look as yours, and so it is priced accordingly.


Q. What should I bring to my trial appointment?


A. The most important thing you can bring is inspiration photos of the look you are going for.  Whether that is on Pinterest, magazine pages, or your phone, seeing what you like for hair and makeup goes miles towards a smooth and effective trial run.  Try to look for images that represent your own looks already.  If you have dark hair, try to look for reference images on dark hair.  Styles can look completely different depending on how the hair is colored, especially if it is highlighted.  If you have fair skin, look for images of models with fair skin.  Kim Kardashian is probably not a great reference in this situation.  Keeping in mind what your starting point is will help to guide you to a look that will be flattering and more "you".  If you have any hair pieces such as a comb, veil, silk flowers, etc it's a good idea to bring them as well. 


Q. How many looks will we try?


A. The appointment is based on time, not necessarily the number of looks.  After a thorough consultation, we will determine if it's necessary to do multiple looks or simply adjust one to better suit your needs.  Such as starting with a half up style and then pinning the rest of the hair look, so you have an idea of how much you want to leave out.  If you want to try multiple different styles, please let me know ahead of time so that we can schedule extra time for your appointment.  Additional time is billed at $75 per 30 minutes.

Q. How do I schedule a Trial Run?


A. It's super easy!  Head on over to my scheduling page at and scroll down to "Weddings".  You select a date and time from my open appointments, and Voila!  No back and forth emails to schedule, no finding a time to make a phonecall.  Just a few clicks, and you're done.  You can do it from the comfort of your couch or office, wherever you do most of your wedding planning.


Q. What if I can't do a trial until closer to my wedding date?  Can I still book you now?


A. Absolutely.  I service a lot of out of state brides coming home for their wedding, and I'm happy to fit your trial in around when you'll be here.  Please message me your exact needs so that we can work out a booking process that fits your schedule.  Please note that dates are still not held without a contract for day-of services, so you will still be required to complete that part of the booking process and pay the deposit prior to your trial if you are unable to be in town for a trial prior to 90 days before the wedding date.

Hair and Makeup Products

Q.  What brands of makeup do you carry?  Are your products Vegan?  Cruelty Free?

Q.  I carry a wide variety of makeup brands from drugstore to luxury to professional, all with a tested level of quality to ensure long lasting results on even the most sensitive of skins.  Before all makeup application, I make sure there are no allergies to ingredients in the makeup or skincare and have several options if necessary.  All allergies are requested prior to the wedding day just in case, so that additional products can be purchased or provided to meet specific needs by you or your bridal party.  Some of the brands I use are Nars, Face Atelier, Too Faced, Tarte, Sonia Roselli, Caudalie, Jouer, Chanel, Kevyn Aucoin, and more.  Many of the brands are cruelty free and offer vegan options.  I carry colors to suit every skintone and ethnicity in a clean, sanitary kit.  I carry enough brushes to use a clean set on each person as well as disposable applicators for the safety of you and your bridal party.

Q. What brands do you carry in your hair kit?

A.  I carry only professional quality hair products in my kit, suitable for all hair types and textures.  The majority of my kit is Kenra Platinum, although I do supplement with items by Aquage, Alterna, Color Wow, Marakeesh, and Sexy Hair.  I also bring a full selection of hot tools such as various sized marcel curling irons, texture iron, flat irons, and curling wand as well as a hair dryer and clean brushes and combs.  Bobby pins and hair pins in several colors and sizes are also included to meet the needs of every color of hair in my chair.



Is there something else you'd like to know that I haven't answered here?  Drop me a line!  I'm happy to answer any of your questions.  suzanneminskey @


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